Somatic Yoga with Jahna

Wednesday 09.30 - 10.45

Imagine if you could release tension from your body, move with a sense of freedom and feel more relaxed and at ease… 


Welcome to Somatic Yoga - slow down, sense within and move from the inside out.  In this class you will have the opportunity to:


    •       Explore gentle, fluid and natural movements for whole body integration

    •       Learn to retrain your brain to release tight and stiff muscles

    •       Enjoy moving with ease…and come to rest in stillness

    •       Release stress, relax and experience a sense of peace and well-being


This class combines Hanna Somatic Movements with the ancient wisdom of Yoga.  Hanna Somatic Exercises are gentle neuromuscular movements performed slowly and mindfully - they effectively release chronically tight and tense muscles (which are often the cause of stiff and painful muscles).  With regular practise, they will help you stay relaxed and supple, able to move with greater ease and safety in the Yoga Asanas (postures) and more freely in daily life.


Please Note:  If you’re feeling quite tense, stiff or experiencing ongoing muscular pain then I would recommend you start with my 8 Week Hanna Somatics Class Series at 11.00am.   


I feel Im more aware of my posture in everyday life. I appreciate that the emphasis is not on pushing yourself to your maximum but allowing what feels right for you and then the movements will develop.  This style would suit you if you want to experience gentle, slow, non-demanding but ‘thoroughyoga.  I really like that there is space for everyone to get individual attention.


Thank you for running such a friendly and relaxed class that so helpfully raises awareness of whats going on in my body.  Its a weekly treat!”


Gita Ingram, Edinburgh, UK



£80 for an 8 week block or

£12 Drop In - for beginners & continuing students


To book or for further information please get in touch or come on over to  I’d love to hear from you.