Polly Rewt


Polly Rewt, a qualified yoga teacher since 2008, hails from Colorado and has lived in Edinburgh for about 30 years. She did post-graduate degrees at the University of Edinburgh in English Literature, married a Scot, and developed her own yoga practice, enjoying learning from different yoga traditions. She and her husband are devoted outdoor enthusiasts. Her working life has always involved teaching in academic and other contexts. Since qualifying through YogaScotland, she teaches Hatha, Ashtanga and Yin yoga in Edinburgh and the southern Highlands, and works with 1 to 1 clients.


Polly’s approach is rooted in her life-long love of yoga, and of teaching. She wants to pass on to others the benefits she gains from her own yoga practice and study—curiosity about how the body works and how to feel better; pleasure in learning the how-to and the more subtle aspects of yoga; self-confidence on and off the yoga mat.


Further information about 1 to 1 lessons, yoga weekends in the Highlands and classes in Edinburgh, contact polly.rewt@me.com