Ayurvedic massages differ from other massages in four ways:

1. Each massage is tailored based on the client’s own unique Ayurvedic constitution

2. Different oils are used depending on the imbalance and constitution

3. Marma points are stimulated to eliminate disorders

4. Different massage techniques are used depending on the disorder


Full body marma abhyanga (inc or exc. Head and face) Full body oil massage. Includes manipulation of marma (energy) points around the body and chakra work. Balances all 3 doshas, restores and rejuvenates, unblocks and removes toxins, and releases the flow of energy throughout the body.

Back Massage Includes chakra work. Suitable for anyone suffering from back pain, stress related conditions, scoliosis, recurrent tiredness. If there is localised chronic pain, greeva or kati basti (oil pooling treatment) are also available.

Abdominal massage Helps with digestive issues, IBS, Crohn's disease, constipation, fertility issues, problems with reproductive system and skin disorders. Helps with weight loss and stimulates digestion.


Head & Face Massage Combined Treatment

Head massage Focuses on shoulders, neck and head. Increases blood, nerve and oxygen supply to the brain, induces sleep and helps relax the body, strengthens the hair root, increases the flow of secretions such as hormones and enzymes to the body, drives out head, neck and shoulder pain and promotes a healthy complexion.

Face massage Focuses on shoulders, neck and face. Increases blood flow and circulation which plumps the skin, lifts and firms sagging areas and improves muscle tone. Improves complexion. Helps relieve tension within the face and neck area. Relaxing and calming. 

Foot and Hand Massage (combined treatment) Foot massage Removes dryness, numbness, roughness and pain in the feet, while toning up foot muscles. High blood pressure, skin conditions, preparation for pregnancy, irregular periods. Includes calf muscles

Hand massage Increases local circulation, alleviates stiffness, pain and swelling, relaxes muscles, low and high blood pressure, nervous system conditions, tingling, pins and needles, Raynaud's Helpful for insomnia and anxiety. Includes arms, neck and shoulders.


Bastis (oil pool treatment)

Heart basti (hridaya basti) The heart chakra is bathed in warm oil. Ideal for anxiety, grief, attachment, heart problems such as palpitations, MS, chronic fatigue syndrome, depression, panic attacks, cardiovascular and respiratory problems.

Greeva basti Localised oil pool treatment for upper back pain. Also includes back massage, marma point manipulation and chakra work. Cervical nerve problems, migraines and headaches, vertebral column problems, arm problems, frozen shoulder, tennis elbow, circulation in hands and arms.

Kati basti Localised oil pool treatment for lower back pain. Also includes back massage, marma point manipulation and chakra work. Sciatica, reproductive issues for men and women, colon & bladder problems, prolapsed disc, leg paralysis, IBS, constipation, ulcerative colitis, crohns, reproductive systems, prostate, fibroids and cysts, problems conceiving, cystitis, urinary tract infections.


Charges are as follows

Back 45 mins £50 includes chakra work

Hands and feet 45 mins £50

Full body marma abhyanga minus head and face 1 hour 30 mins £100 includes chakra work

Full marma abhyanga including head and face 2 hours £125 includes chakra work.

Head and face massage 45 mins £50

Abdominal massage 30 mins £40

Kati basti 45 mins £50

Greeva basti 45 mins £50

Hridaya basti 45 mins £50

All treatments include brief consultation to ascertain imbalanced dosha + marma point manipulation


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