Cognitive Behavioural Therapy

Cognitive Behaviour Therapy

The therapy process I offer integrates a compassionate person centred ethos with cognitive behaviour therapy (CBT) and recent helpful developments in mindfulness and acceptance based approaches.

Extensive research has shown CBT as a system of psychotherapy that is highly effective for a wide range of psychological problems. I use CBT as the framework; and bring my own well developed blend of person centred practices, my awareness of the impact of the problems we encounter, and a deep compassion and respect for each person who is seeking a better understanding of themselves and a happier, more fulfilled life.

 I engage with each individual in a thoughtful and sensitive way to identify and understand the presenting problems in terms of that person’s relationship between their thoughts, their feelings, their behaviour, their physiology, and their world. I work on establishing a shared understanding of what’s happening and from there we develop an individualised plan that begins to untangle the emotional problems and the vicious cycles of unhelpful thoughts and feelings that lock our lives into crisis or despair.

Ancient Eastern wisdom is the foundation of the mindfulness and acceptance based approaches that I draw on. Developing the practice of accepting our difficult emotions and responding to them with compassion is the key to releasing the hold they have on us, and there is now a strong evidence base in recent neuroscience findings to support this approach.

Using this practice framework offers people a positive path towards emotional healing: increasing our understanding and awareness improves our mental well being and developing strategies and actions nurtures our ability to sustain harmonious relationships. Change is possible and positive and makes a difference to you where and when you need it most.

I believe that whatever theoretical approach therapy rests on, the quality of the relationship between you and your therapist is central to success. I offer a therapeutic relationship that is empowering, validating, supportive, and profoundly respectful. I create a safe space to explore your inner world and concerns.