Our counsellor realises that people come for all sorts of reasons and have different strengths and weaknesses. As an Integrative counsellor, she will be am able to tailor their approach to the client's needs but some of the more common issues are:




Panic Attacks

Low Self-Esteem

Weight problems


Addictive behaviour

Grief & Loss

She can offer time limited work (normally up to 6 sessions) that is focused and goal orientated, or longer term work where you can explore more complex issues in depth.

Relationship Counselling

Deborah will work with relationship difficulties, whether you come as a couple or as an individual, and regardless of sexual orientation, gender, religion or ethnicity. My job is to keep sight of your relationship’s needs, allowing space and time for you to talk and be heard, as we explore current or past experiences to move towards a better future.

Usually, Deborah offers an initial exploratory session to discuss what you want from counselling and gather some information. Occasionally, our counsellor may want to see a couple separately for a short time, so that they each have space and privacy to be open and honest. You will then all reassess and decide together how the sessions will work.

Bereavement Counselling

Grief is a completely natural process but sometimes we struggle to move forward. Family and friends often don’t know what to do or say and we are left feeling isolated and lost. It is at this point that bereavement counselling can help.

Our counsellor will work with you to help you understand what is happening, and to find the resources that lie within you, so that you can cope and begin to rebuild your life.

Deborah know that the death of a pet can be every bit as devastating as any other bereavement, and will work with respect and understanding.