Hypnosis is the Greek word for sleep chosen by scientist James Braid in 1840 to describe the very natural process of opening our subconscious minds for a period of time. During this relaxed period we can do two things, remove old, unhealthy or unwanted values, patterns and behaviours and replace them with more desirable, healthy ones. 

Our subconscious minds are where we store all our beliefs, values and from where we control our bodily functions. Our conscious minds are the critics, the conscious judges, labels, approves or disapproves of whatever we have stored in our subconscious mind. The conscious can send back unhelpful / unresourceful beliefs and values for our subconscious to store. This unhelpful information can become part of our repetition in life, i.e. smoking, drinking, unhealthy eating, stress and performance anxieties. It all becomes part of who we are.

With hypnosis we relax, focus and close down the conscious mind allowing the subconscious to open. This can either be done by accepting our own silent self-direction, listening to a self-hypnosis audiotape or with assistance from a hypnotherapist. Once at the desired level of relaxation the subconscious is open for inventory. Once suggestions are planted reinforcing this process daily these concepts and images can be brought into your reality.