Movement and Manual Therapy

Movement is a physical necessity but it is also a form of expression and communication with the world around us. Movement forms our life and life impacts back on the way we move. We can get stuck in movement patterns that cause problems, such as wear and tear, injury, pain and limitations in sports and every day activities. They can also affect our life in terms of how we deal with situations and how the world reacts back to us.

Understand what your body is doing, movinf more consciously and learning movement strategies that are more efficient and useful to you, can help you reduce pain and stress, become more comfortable in your body and improve on your physical performance with ease. Unlock and enrich your movement and unlock and enrich your life. You may be amazed about how different movement can feel and what movement can do for you.

Kristin specialises in working with equestrians, physical dancers and fitness professionals. However, she welcomes clients from all backgrounds and with a variety of problems. For more information visit