Freeing the Legs And Hips: A Hanna Somatics Workshop


Freeing the Legs And Hips:  A Hanna Somatics Workshop


Saturday 5th May 2018 10.0am-1.00pm


Chronic muscle tension in the centre of the body places undue pressure on the hips, knees & ankles. Over time this leads to muscle and joint pain, inflexibility and reduced mobility. Explore gentle, floor based movements that will relax your back, waist, hips and legs and experience greater ease of movement, suppleness and balance.


Features of this workshop:


  • Learn why unconsciously held, habitually tight muscles in the centre of the body cause excess tension, stiffness and pain in the hips and legs
  • Explore slow, gentle Hanna Somatic Exercises to relax the back, waist, hips and legs for more fluid walking, running, balance and ease of movement
  • Release accumulated muscular tension from sitting, stress and habitual patterns
  • Integrate the upper body with the legs and hips for greater stability and co-ordination


Who is this workshop suitable for?


For anyone experiencing tension and stiffness in the hips and legs who would like to learn gentle movements to regain flexibility, balance and ease of movement.  Including those who sit for long periods (desk, computer work, driving).

It will also be of interest to walkers, runners and yoga practitioners for more fluid walking and integration of the body.

This workshop will be limited to 8 participants.  You are warmly invited to attend.


What do I need to bring?


A yoga mat (or you are welcome to hire one for £1), comfortable clothing you can move and breathe in.


Cost: £40


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