Natal Hypnotherapy

9.30 - 5

Natal HypnotherapyTM revolutionises women’s birth experiences by teaching them to overcome fear and work with their bodies during birth to create a more relaxed and positive birth experience. It provides birth partners with the knowledge and practical skills to effectively support their partner. As the UK’s leading approach to hypnobirthing its unique techniques prepare women emotionally, physically and mentally for conception, pregnancy and birth.

Gemma Nealon is a practicing midwife, therapist & mum who offers Natal HypnotherapyTM pregnancy relaxation classes & in-depth workshops in Edinburgh.

Gemma's midwife-led Natal HypnotherapyTM workshops focus exclusively on what you can do to help yourself have the most positive birth experience, regardless of the type of birth you are planning.  You will learn in-depth skills to prepare yourself mentally, emotionally & physically for the birth. Whether you want a natural water birth at home or are open to having an epidural in your local hospital, what you learn on these workshops will give you the confidence and ability to work with your body no matter what your birth choices are. Natal Hypnotherapy workshops are designed not as a substitute but as an excellent complement to other antenatal courses, covering areas not touched on by most other courses.

Recent feedback from Gemma's Natal HypnotherapyTM workshop:

'brilliant to have someone talk so positively with the balanced view of acknowledging medical necessity as sometimes some advice can be so negative. Gemma has such high level of knowledge and is able to present with such a positive view of birth. I think there is such a benefit to being taught by someone who is a midwife but has also used Natal Hypnotherapy herself'

'Gemma you are amazing and your enthusiasm towards the course/techniques is inspiring. Very good teacher & am very glad to have had the chance to learn and take part.'

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