Transendental Meditation Workshop

3 day workshop

Learn Transcendental Meditation with the Meditation Trust at Mulberry House. Easy, effortless & enjoyable. No concentration or control required & no emptying of the mind.


"I learnt TM about 4 years ago with The Meditation Trust in Edinburgh. It has made such a difference to my overall wellbeing. It is a simple tool/technique that I fit in whenever I can and even just 10-15 minutes of it leaves me feeling more energised and refreshed, with a clearer mind. Since I started TM, the things that used to worry me do so less frequently and for shorter periods. I feel emotionally more grounded after meditating and more able to focus on the important stuff in life and let the unimportant stuff go. I believe it is fundamental to my emotional and physical wellbeing. I highly recommend it."

Ciara ~ Edinburgh


“TM changed my life,” she says. “I studied it five years ago in India during my wedding [to Brand], and it was an incredible thing that I received from that time. Some people get very nervous about the spiritual connotations of things, but TM is very medical and scientific. This [she prods at her mobile] is the new form of sugar. It’s the new dopamine, the new stimulant, and everybody has 20 minutes once a day to turn it off and meditate. When I do it, I can feel the cobwebs lifting and can feel this halo. I think that TM is a beautiful way to find real stillness. You should do it.”

Katy Perry in the Sunday Observer



  • Manage stress & the pressures of everyday life through regular periods of deep profound relaxation.
  • Validated by a wealth of scientific research + the experience of millions around the world.
  • Taught by independent TM teachers at the lowest course fees in the UK.
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