Jo Bluett

Jo trained in the Bowen Technique with the Bowen Association UK, accredited to the Bowen Therapy Academy of Australia – the only official organisation to teach “The Original Bowen Technique” as developed and taught by the late Tom Bowen.  She is qualified to Advanced Level (SBP2).

Tom Bowen believed that the body holds a blueprint – a memory – of how our body should be at its optimum and the messages input to the body via the fascia (our connective tissue) are thought to access this “blueprint” in order to bring musculoskeletal realignment, pain relief, deep relaxation and stress relief.

Jo first came across Bowen after experiencing health issues herself and found that this body therapy brought her pain relief, energy and relaxation which no other therapy had been able to do to the same extent. Despite also being qualified in Massage, Indian Head Massage and Reflexology, she now devotes all her clinic practice to the Bowen Technique since it has proved so successful in helping her clients with a whole range of conditions and problems and is entirely gentle, non-invasive and non-manipulative. Her list of testimonials from clients is very impressive with amazing results being achieved - often with only 1-2 sessions being required (more chronic conditions and problems may take more). Jo still finds herself amazed at how effective the Bowen Technique can be in making a real and positive difference to people’s lives.

Jo is a member of the Bowen Association UK and the Bowen Therapy Academy of Australia who lay down strict codes of conduct for annual membership including a requirement to Continual Professional Development hours and a current First Aid Certificate.

Jo’s other passion is sharing fun and laughter to promote physical health and emotional well-being. Jo is a registered Laughter Facilitator and Laughter Yoga Teacher & Trainer, registered with Laughter Yoga International and is a member of the Laughter Network, a group of professionals all over the UK with diverse talents and a common goal to bring more laughter and happiness into people's lives. 

After health problems prevented her from working for many years, Jo is now self-employed as a Bowen Therapist and also runs Laughter For Health (

Jo works at Mulberry House on a Thursday afternoon/evening practising Bowen and also runs Laughter Workshops throughout the year.

Jo believes that laughter and a holistic approach to good health go hand in hand.

Laugh more – enjoy life more!



BTAA, BAUK, ITEC Dip, Certified Laughter Yoga Leader & Teacher, Certified Laughter Facilitator & Trainer


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Laughter Yoga International



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